Putting control and consistency in indoor farmers’ hands
Artemis' software enables growers to optimize their facilities for profitability, helping growers manage people, plants, process, and compliance all in one place.
Allison Kopf



New York, USA

Connecting Value Chain

The more you know, the more you grow

Artemis is a web-based enterprise software start-up using real-time insights to help indoor growers accurately manage risks, compliance and improve the efficiency and profitability of indoor farms. Their core objective is to create a risk-free agricultural supply chain.

Artemis platform offers growers one easy-to-use web-based system that aggregates  data  from  all  of  a farm’s processes to  help  farmers  understand  their  data,  save  time and create  greater  consistency across administrative  tasks.

Network effects are created by the platform, providing growers and other key agents managing the production process analysis and best practices from across the industry. In so doing, Artemis is creating a more profitable, productive and safer agricultural supply chain.