Climate risk, managed

Cervest helps stakeholders along the value chain make informed, intelligent decisions for resilience on a changing planet.

Iggy Bassi



London, UK

Accelerating Regenerative Agriculture

Decoding climate complexity with asset-level climate intelligence

Cervest is building an AI climate intelligence platform to empower humans to make informed climate decisions by automatically quantifying and standardizing asset-level climate risk for any physical asset on Earth, across any timescale and scenario.
Climate uncertainty is reducing the security of all physical assets, costing us billions today and forecast to cost trillions in the future. Yet today, decision-makers still rely on generalized, complex and fragmented data to understand the climatic impact on their assets.

Cervest believes that everyone deserves Climate Security – its open platform provides everyone with a shared view of reality, equipping enterprises, governments and communities with an early, independent and Science-backed intelligence that can be integrated into billions of critical decisions, including disclosure (incl. TCFD), asset planning, investments, and near- and long-term strategies, reducing climate uncertainty and driving better outcomes for both organisations and our planet.

Underpinned by a Bayesian statistical framework, its proprietary Earth Science AI continuously ingests and harmonizes otherwise siloed datasets and multiple climate sciences, leveraging probabilistic machine learning algorithms to learn across billions of data points to generate a unified and quantified view of historic, forecast and simulated risks on assets, portfolios and supply chains and uncover traditionally uncorrelated insights.

Iggy Bassi

The Astanor team uniquely fuses a deep understanding of data applications, statistical applications and how to build global companies – and their track record in Silicon Valley and Europe is compelling.