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Ian Moore, Lisa Grimm



Copenhagen, Denmark

Connecting the Value Chain

Changing the way people connect through food

While food culture is huge online, it is not representative of food as we see and experience it in our daily lives. Food online is way more of a show than a dinner party. Demi is on a mission to change that, building the tools for culinary entrepreneurs to easily connect their food people, get them talking and ultimately create thriving communities.
Demi’s platform is giving chefs and customers a way to connect and build community, transforming social media into a deeply meaningful and mutually beneficial experience. The platform provides chefs with the simple tools to share content, foster dialog, build direct connections with their fans and earn revenue. Consumers get the chance to engage with their favorite chefs and one another, receive exclusive content, share their own stories and creations and explore new ideas in a positive environment.

Demi is tapping into the transition of the broader restaurant industry, which is moving to a much more direct, fluid interaction between chefs and consumers.
Through connecting consumers with professional chefs and advocating for the importance of fresh, high-quality ingredients, Demi makes cooking fresh, healthy meals available and easy. The platform helps build additional revenue streams for small businesses through direct connections made between chefs and consumers.
Demi creates a space where excited, curious people can come together, commerce more interesting and more sustainable for all parties involved. This approach allows for more voices to be heard, more knowledge and inspiration to be shared, and an actual social experience to be realized.

Ian Moore

It’s exciting to work with forward-thinking people who genuinely appreciate and champion food’s ability to create and nourish community. Astanor thinks deeply about these things and is a perfect partner for us.