Sushi and poké lovers, rejoice! Plant-based seafood is here.
Kuleana provides delicious alternatives to traditional seafood.
Sònia Hurtado, Jacek Prus



San Francisco, USA

Innovative Food Manufacturing

A taste of the ocean, but there's nothing fishy going on here.

“Kuleana” is the Hawaiian word for taking responsibility for balancing what we give and take from the earth. Kuleana draws inspiration from their namesake, producing next-generation seafood that provides nutritious, plant-based seafood without the environmental and ethical consequences.

Kuleana’s first product, a raw tuna replacement made with algae, radish, bamboo fiber and koji, is the first step in their mission of bringing a sustainable alterative to raw seafood to market. Conventional tuna fishing has led to the near-collapse of ocean populations due to heavy overfishing and, while traditional raw tuna has many health benefits, large fish often contain high levels of environmental toxins and microplastics.

Kuleana’s mission-driven team of biotechnologists and food experts is dedicated to impact, consciously choosing their ingredients to provide the best nutrition at the lowest impact. Kuleana’s differentiation lies in the taste and texture of the product, which closely mimics the mouthfeel of raw fish. This culinary experience, combined with a delicious taste, allows Kuleana to succeed in truly replacing tuna, such as in poke bowls, sushi rolls and ceviche.

Jacek Prus


Astanor is not only providing us crucial funding during this next stage of growth but also equipping us with their industry expertise and network in the plant-based food space, vital to Kuleana’s long-term success."

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