The plant-based revolution moves to the cheese plate
Noquo is challenging the food status quo with plant-based alternatives, starting with cheese.
Sorosh Tavakoli, Anja Leissner



Stockholm, Sweden

Innovating Nutrition

Re-inventing the foods we love

Consumer are demanding plant-based alternatives across all food and beverage segments. Cheese alone represents a $60b market, but existing alternatives fall woefully short of cheese lovers’ expectations and demand for plant-based alternatives that are delicious, nutritious and made from ingredients that are both natural and part of a climate-positive food system.

Today, the traditional dairy industry uses 3,000 litres of water and 12m2 cropland per year to produce 1kg of cheese. In the process, ecologically important areas, such as prairies, wetlands and forests, are put under unsustainable pressure which could be eased through transitioning to a more diverse, plant-based diet.

Noquo stands for ‘not the status quo’. Noquo combines the skills of a successful second time entrepreneur, a passionate food scientist and the ambition to build a science-based food company and brand fit for a new generation and changing planet. Their mission is to reduce environmental footprint, animal suffering and improve health through a plant-based cheese product that delivers on taste, price, convenience and transparency. So too do they want to delight the 70% of the world’s population that is lactose intolerant (Source: Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine).

Noquo is well positioned to benefit from the strong tailwinds of their market niche: a powerful combination of growing transparency, environmental and social challenges (ranging from high carbon footprint, to antibiotic use and resistance and high fat/low nutrition), preference for plant-based products and rejection of animal-based products. For these reasons, consumer demand for the products Noquo is developing is primed and burgeoning. They have a strong foundation of research and learning behind them that’s shaping their focus going forward.