Mushrooms for the people

Growing mushrooms to feed the world

Andrew Carter, Adam Demartino



Brooklyn, USA

Innovating Agrifood Transformation Processes

A new world of flavor and texture

Since 2017, Smallhold has established itself as a leader in US specialty mushroom production.
Mushrooms are extremely nutritious, tasty, diverse, low footprint to grow but have been seen as a commodity historically with traditional mushroom growers essentially limiting their production to the classical button mushroom.
Smallhold’s mission is to dramatically shorten the distance between the end consumer and fresh, gourmet mushrooms. Their growing network of organic farms is upending the traditional farming model with patented technology and a sophisticated supply chain, increasing access to a variety of freshly harvested mushrooms.

Smallhold technology creates climate recipes that allows the company to grow the best mushrooms you’ve ever tasted, delivered in low-impact “eco-packs”. Thanks to the distributed farming model, Smallhold mushrooms are grown absurdly close to the end consumer.
Smallhold products are found in top retailers like Whole Foods, Central Market, and FreshDirect as well as some of the nation’s most exciting restaurant kitchens, such as Maison Yaki, the Standard Hotels, and more. Smallhold is based in Brooklyn, New York with operations in Austin and beyond. They are New York City’s only USDA Certified Organic commercial mushroom farm —but it doesn’t stop there. You can watch their mushrooms grow in onsite Minifarms inside restaurants, grocery stores, and non-profits, or even on your own kitchen counter with one of their home grow kits.