Measuring food's nutrition
For the first time, TeakOrigin makes it possible to understand the actual nutritional value of fresh foods throughout the supply chain; accurately, quickly and cost-effectively.
Brent Overcash, Greg Shewmaker



Boston, USA

Connecting Value Chain

A standard, scalable way to measure nutrition sounds like something that should already exist in 2020.

But, the reality is that it doesn’t.

Every day, we all make choices about the foods we eat, unaware of whether what we’ve bought is fresh, healthy and how that gets quantified. This matters because not all foods are equal, even if they look that way from the outside. The average fruit & vegetable has 15% less nutrients than it did in 1950. Freshness plays a big role in this too: an apple loses its key nutrients within 7 weeks of being harvested, but spinach and other leafy greens lose theirs in less than 7 days.


This reality should be more in the spotlight than ever, as interest and demand for personalised health analytics has boomed. A growing number of apps and HealthTech devices claim to support healthier lifestyle and diet choices, but the data they rely on for what we eat is out of date. The data they are using is based on nutritional labeling data that can be 20 years old. It’s a problem that has a solution for both buyers and sellers of food, which benefits every constituent in the food ecosystem, from farmers all the way to consumers.

TeakOrigin was founded to uncover one of the biggest mysteries that shouldn’t be a mystery at all: how nutritious are the foods we eat. The company enables businesses and consumers to answer critical questions about their food, whether it’s identifying the right time to harvest; how food is changing throughout the supply chain; what the nutrient levels are in food or are consumers and retailers alike getting what they paid for. It is through TeakOrigin’s proprietary technology and methodology that all of this is possible. The company develops lab-grade food quality assessments for use in the field that are both fast and non-destructive to food.

TeakOrigin is building the world’s most accurate and up-to-date reference for nutrition so stakeholders across the value chain know what’s inside the food we eat.

TeakOrigin’s data is available to retailers and consumers via the TeakOrigin Guide (www.teakoriginguide.com), a free resource designed to unearth the unique inner qualities of food from top-selling fruits and vegetables compared to known standards and expectations. Food supply chain organizations can access additional data and insights through TeakOrigin Pro, a subscription-based data service. Both of these services currently display results from top retailers in the US, with plans to expand further in the coming year.