Belgacem Asli

Senior Financial Controller

Belgacem joined Astanor in 2023 as a senior financial controller. He completed a master’s degree in economic sciences at the University of Mons Hainaut (UMONS) with a specialization in audit and controlling. Also, he followed a master’s degree in USA at the University of Central Arkansas in finance.

Prior to joining Astanor, Belgacem served as Alternative Investment Fund manager for service providers in Luxembourg for several years. He has been in charge with different kind of portfolio of private equity Investment funds, fund of funds and real estate funds. Belgacem spent more than 10 years in investment fund industry, advisoring and internal finance. He has been exposed to different kind of clients and structures in Belgium and Luxembourg and in collaboration with one of the three biggest investment fund in the world.

He is involved in environmental projects and has a weakness for Italian food.