George Oxley

George Oxley is an expert in agriculture, biology, and materials science. He is the founder of SOS SOiL, an organization which advises on farmers, investors, and institutions on regenerative agronomy and worked on projects covering a large space from wild spaces, farms, vineyards to livestock. He also manages soil, wildlife, and biodiversity at HaciendasBio, a 2000ha biodynamic farm producing biodynamic food for Carrefour, Lidl, and other supermarkets. George serves as an advisor for the agricultural development of the governments of Kurdistan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. He also has extensive experience in the sustainable cosmetics space, including designing a Fungi Lab to convert cosmetic waste to packaging. He is also expert on soil bioremediation and initiator of projects such as the Kilometro Verde – depollution and transformation into ancient Italian food crops conservatory along the Parma motorway. He is author of La Fleur au FusilLe Manifeste Gourmand des Herbes Folles, and many other published articles.