About us

Astanor brings together capital, deep sector knowledge and a strong network of entrepreneurs, impact investors, technologists, scientists, farmers, chefs, policy makers and food lovers to give rise to a future of food that is nourishing, regenerative, scalable, trusted and delicious.

Mission-driven investors, from soil to gut

Astanor is an impact investor, delivering financial, social and environmental returns in equal measure. We believe in the future of an agrifood system that provides affordable nutrients for 10 billion people, preserves and regenerates natural resources, actively contributes to decarbonization and protects land and ocean biodiversity.

At Astanor, we are driven by a pressing urgency to combat climate change, biodiversity loss and improve the health of humanity and the planet.

Sustainability and impact were part of the firm’s founding principles and remain an area we are committed to excel in. Our mission as impact investors is to find, support and scale the most disruptive, impactful solutions to accelerate progress towards global sustainability targets.

Our priorities

Only highly disruptive, scalable new technology guided by a deep understanding of, and respect for, nature will revolutionize the agrifood sector. Astanor is founded on the thesis that a healthy food system starts from the soil, is connected, transparent and local, nurtures diversity and grows food that is our and the environment’s best medicine.

Accelerating Regenerative Agri/Aquaculture

finding innovative solutions that enable the global regenerative use of resources, soil & ocean stewardship and scalable agroecology.

Connecting the Value Chain

implementing sustainable supply chains, fair remuneration, traceability & transparency, circularity and eliminating waste.

Innovating Agrifood Transformation Processes

facilitating the sustainable production of food, textiles & agriculture- based materials and restore human and planet health.

Astanor’s investment process is guided by 6 principles


Soil is the new black.
Health starts, and is sustained for the long-term for people and the planet, from fertile soil and healthy oceans.

Food integrity

Insight breeds intelligence.
Traceability, transparency, fair labor and supply chain practices will restore trust, decrease risk and strengthen communities.

Sustainable diet

Resilience rooted in diversity.
New sources of food are required to end overreliance on a few species, monoculture systems and climate-destructive diets.

Fresh & delicious

Quality led innovation.
New approaches are needed in distribution, packaging that preserves without polluting and urban agriculture to put great tasting food on the table.


Food as medicine.
Sustainably grown and minimally processed foods protect and promote health.


Waste not, want not.
Greater care and efficient use of natural capital, alongside new methods to repurpose waste, are needed to repair the planet.