Plant-based protection,
longer-lasting produce

Apeel works with nature to reduce food waste and create abundance for all.

James Rogers



Goleta, California, USA

Connecting the Value Chain

Food Gone Good

Food waste typifies the paradoxes of our global food system, where an estimated 40% of the food grown globally is never consumed, due to supply chain inefficiencies and consumer waste, while nearly 30% of the world’s population remains malnourished and food insecure (Source: FAO). Food loss between harvest and consumption also exacerbates the climate crisis, through wasted inputs (land, water, energy, fertilizers, pesticides), energy spent fueling a supply chain that fails to deliver nutrition, and greenhouse gases emitted from wasted food itself. Apeel was established to address these issues using plant-based solutions.

Apeel developed and produces plant-based coatings for fresh produce that act as a “second peel” to minimize water and gas transfer. This technology allows produce to preserve its freshness and nutrition, fight spoilage, maintain taste and texture, and extend shelf life by two times or more that of untreated produce. These coatings are applied via Apeel’s machinery, which integrates into the supply chain. The produce is also branded with Apeel’s logo, to indicate to consumers that the fruits and vegetables they buy are fresher and longer lasting.

Apeel’s technology brings system-wide impact. As Apeel’s product is integrated across the food system, fewer resources are wasted producing uneaten food, less plastic is required for food packaging, less fuel is expended in rapid shipping, less energy is wasted on in-store refrigeration, fewer GHGs are emitted from wasted food in landfills, and more people of all income levels have access to fresh fruit and vegetables in all parts of the world.