Applied Nature for a Better Agriculture

Aphea.Bio develops microorganism-based biopesticides and biostimulants.

Isabel Vercauteren, Steven Vandenabeele



Ghent, Belgium

Accelerating Regenerative Agriculture

Next-Generation Agro-Biologicals for a Sustainable Future

Aphea.Bio develops new and superior agricultural biologicals. By focusing on microbial strains that improve plant nutrient uptake (biostimulants) and strains that protect against disease (biocontrol), Aphea.Bio provides farmers with innovative and sustainable solutions to reduce fertilizer and pesticide use.

Unravelling complex interactions and identifying beneficial microbial strains amongst the millions of microorganisms present in and around the plant requires solid scientific insights. To this end, Aphea.Bio has developed an innovative R&D platform bundling different technologies in bio-informatics and microbiome mapping, state-of-the-art microorganism culturing, high-throughput crop phenotyping and data analysis.

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that pesticides are responsible for up to 5 million cases of poisoning each year, of which 20,000 are lethal. By providing biologicals, which can complement or substitute agricultural chemical products, Aphea.Bio leads the way to an urgently needed, more sustainable agriculture.

Isabel Vercauteren
CEO and Co-Founder

Astanor Ventures was the perfect lead investor in our Series B funding round. We both share the same ambition of making an impact on modern agriculture and moving towards a healthier and more sustainable food system.