Going beyond chemistry to build a green and advanced world

Introducing the world’s 1st sustainable and high-performance microencapsulation technology

Jamie Walters



Paris, France

Accelerating Regenerative Agriculture

Leveraging the power of green chemistry to end global microplastic pollution

Calyxia has developed, through 25 years of fundamental research in colloid science, a unique technology to produce the world’s first readily biodegradable and advanced performance microcapsules, to directly combat global microplastic pollution.
Through decades of pollution, there are now over 200 million tonnes of microplastics in our oceans and rivers. Microplastics are found in over 210 commercially important species of fish, in over 90% of all tap and bottled water worldwide.

Today, microplastics are intentionally added to agriculture products to enhance crop yield, and to everyday products such as laundry detergents and shampoos, to provide long-lasting fragrance sensations. In addition, microplastics are generated by the deterioration of plastic materials used in automotive, electronics and sporting goods.
In agriculture and everyday products, Calyxia microcapsules offers a biodegradable and resource efficient solution to replace and eliminate intentionally added microplastics. In advanced materials, Calyxia microcapsules provide a game-changing solution for manufacturers to create lighter, stronger and more durable materials. They prevent plastic materials from breaking down, by increasing the wear resistance and prolonging the product lifespan in-use by over 10 times.
Calyxia partners with world-leading manufacturers in agriculture, home care and advanced materials to take on the war on microplastics and build a green and advanced future for all.

Jamie Walters
CEO & Founder, Calyxia

Astanor is world-renowned firm, with an unparalleled network and expertise in high-impact green innovations. Partnering with Astanor is accelerating our international expansion and global product deployment. Together, we will play a pivotal role on the war against microplastic pollution.