La Ruche Qui Dit Oui

Ultra fresh, trusted and high-quality food, from farm-to-fork

With a pan-European network of farmers and assemblies (ruches), local food distribution has never been more convenient or closer to home.

Grégoire de Tilly



Paris, France

Connecting the Value Chain

La Ruche Qui Dit Oui is one of most iconic companies leading the ‘farm to table’ movement in Europe

Bringing value and transparency to the food system by multiplying farmer revenues, securing and growing their market access, and delivering consumers healthy and high-quality products, La Ruche leverages network effects to benefit the whole value chain.
Launched in 2010, La Ruche Qui Dit Oui is an innovative local food distribution system, which enables ultra-fresh commerce with producers selling their products directly to consumers at a fair price.
Their marketplace is supported by a large network of La Ruche Hosts – the passionate women and men who serve as the conduit, connecting communities of famers with consumers at local produce collection points, known by the community as ‘Ruches’ or ‘weekly Assemblies’. La Ruche has established itself as the connection point between over 10,000 producers, 1,000 active assemblies and 200,000 customers.
La Ruche Qui Dit Oui has developed an entire range of complementary distribution channels, both online and offline, across Europe. This has expanded the reach and recurring revenue farmers can secure, through the platform and increased access for consumers to trusted, healthy and local food.

Grégoire de Tilly

I’ve worked with many VC funds since I launched my first start-up in 1999. Astanor’s team has brought me the most added value. A pragmatic and innovative team, they’re supportive and fully engaged.

The direct connection between farm and fork means higher quality food and a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions, as their supply chain is shorter and faster than large-scale retailers. The average distance travelled by produce sold at a La Ruche marketplace is less than 50km, ensuring that consumers receive the best quality of products picked in the morning. At the same time, 80% of the value from that food goes back to the producer, creating an economic benefit for producers that no other marketplace has been able to match. This virtuous circle, unlocking superior value for producers and consumers, is what has led to La Ruche’s continued popularity across Europe.