Seeding the Transition to Sustainability

MiiMOSA provides an impact funding marketplace, focused on financing the transition towards a sustainable agrifood sector.

Florian Breton



Paris, France

Accelerating Regenerative Agriculture

Supporting the Transition to Regenerative Agriculture

MiiMOSA is the leading funding marketplace dedicated to agricultural, energy and food transition. The platform connects donors and lenders with farmers in search of financing. Through the platform, individuals, corporate partners and investment funds can find investment opportunities that are both financially attractive and more impactful than traditional asset classes. Borrowers obtain tailor-made solutions adapted to their financing needs, whether that be evolving their production methods, diversifying their business to include other commercial activities associated with the farm, managing inter-generational transition, or otherwise.

Agricultural financing needs have more than doubled in the last ten years, yet solutions haven’t evolved or adapted to support sector-specific challenges. This is critical as these challenges are at the heart of what’s blocking more sustainable practices from becoming mainstream and a more resilient agriculture sector from emerging. The existing banking system lacks responsiveness to do this. However, interest among individual investors and consumers to contribute to a more sustainable planet and invest in highly impactful companies, especially in food and agriculture, has grown substantially – presenting an opportunity to connect mission-aligned capital and demand.

MiiMOSA’s strength is the simplicity and speed of its participatory financing platform and authenticity of the local projects it has attracted onto the platform. In 5 years, MiiMOSA has supported over 3,500 projects, enabled more than 35m euros to be invested in projects in France and Belgium, and gathered a community of 250,000 contributors.