Modern Meadow

Pioneering biofabrication for the way we want the future to perform

Harnessing nature’s building blocks to achieve new material functionality

Anna Bakst (Board Chair)



Nutley, New Jersey

Innovating Agrifood Transformation Processes

Transforming the material world

Modern Meadow is harnessing nature’s building blocks to achieve new material functionality and properties for the way we want the future to perform. As a pioneer of biofabrication, Modern Meadow develops novel materials that have enhanced sustainability and performance profiles that can be applied across multiple industries such as textiles and beauty. Modern Meadow’s strength lies at the intersection of biology and material science, and the ability to integrate innovative material solutions and processes together.

Fossil-fuel derived energy production and use accounts for approximately 2/3 of our global manmade greenhouse gas emissions, while direct livestock emissions account for another 14.5% (Source: World Resources Institute and Food & Agriculture Organization). Modern Meadow was established to lead the way to a new bioeconomy and shift our dependence away from petroleum- and animal-based material inputs.
Modern Meadow’s biofabrication technology brings real impact: developing bio-based solutions that address performance, sustainability, and accessibility. To tackle this challenge, Modern Meadow is creating a coalition of trusted industry partners and brand collaborators committed to climate responsible choices. Together, we will launch the next generation of biofabricated material solutions.

Anna Bakst
Board Chair

Astanor’s investment confirms and underpins Modern Meadow’s value in transforming tomorrow’s materials. Together with Astanor and through their experience, know-how and network, Modern Meadow is well-positioned to advance its product portfolio towards commercial launch.