Feeding a healthier tomorrow with A.I. powered, high-tech indoor farms. is developing groundbreaking A.I. products that will power safe, reliable and climate-resilient food production in indoor agriculture.

Rien Kamman, Ernst van Bruggen



Amsterdam, NL

Accelerating Regenerative Agriculture

A.I. that will move indoor farming from craft to
mass production, is building an AI-powered software platform that enables indoor growers to dynamically adapt their cultivation strategy, optimizing resources and ultimately supporting sustainable production of fruits and vegetables.

Greenhouse agriculture is a proven solution for sustainable, local, and climate-resilient food production: it produces up to 15 times higher yields without the need for arable land and uses up to 20 times less water as compared to traditional farming methods. Today, 70% of global freshwater withdrawals are used for food production, and 46% of the planet’s habitable land is used for agriculture. With the global population growing to an estimated 10B by 2050, resource efficient farming methods need to be scaled up globally to meet the demand for healthy food in a sustainable manner.’s cutting edge A.I. platform empowers more growers to operate more acres in more locations more efficiently, thereby accelerating the global adoption of greenhouse agriculture.

The Dutch company is partnering with the world’s leading growers to help increase vegetable yields in the face of the growing energy and climate crises. With the global demand for greenhouse agriculture rising, Source will empower growers worldwide to accelerate their growth and operate facilities more efficiently. focuses on the largest global fresh vegetable segments such as tomato and peppers, with the ambition to ultimately help all fruit and vegetable growers. At Source, a world class team of experienced engineers and plant scientists built the most advanced A.I. powered digital support system for indoor agriculture. Source has partnered with the leading growers since day one to ensure that their system addresses growers’ precise pain points. Source’s algorithms simulate plant developments to define growth strategy, support decision making and help growers execute an optimal cultivation strategy.

Rien Kamman
CEO and Co-Founder

Astanor is the perfect fit for us as their team brings deep experience in AgTech and shares our values on creating positive impact in the world. Astanor understands the unique dynamics in Agriculture, and has already been invaluable in our journey. I’m convinced they are the right partner for us in our mission to bring more healthy food to more people using fewer resources.