Letting plants speak for themselves
Vivent captures and decodes electromagnetic signals in plants to understand crop health in real-time.
Carrol Plummer, Nigel Wallbridge



Crans-près-Céligny, Switzerland

Accelerating Regenerative Agriculture

Vivent provides plant health intelligence in real-time

Plants communicate their relative health or distress through small electrical signals, not unlike the electrical impulses in humans. Until recently, these signals were only measurable in a laboratory. Today, advances in electronics and signal processing allow sensors that can be used in-field or in-greenhouse to monitor sustained periods in a plant growth cycle. By amplifying these signals in plants and interpreting them using machine learning, Vivent provides second-to-second information on plant stress levels. The company can further translate these signals to diagnose specific stressors, including pest infestations, diseases, water stress and nutrient deficiencies.

The implications of this technology are numerous. The combination of overall stress monitoring and diagnosis of specific issues allows growers to produce more, and more nutritious, food with optimized inputs. By detecting stressors early, Vivent enables environmentally preferable interventions and helps growers reduce their reliance on chemicals. By tuning into real-time signals from plants, Vivent even allows automated greenhouse systems to be run by crops themselves.

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