Alternative protein to make our feed’s feed sustainable

Ÿnsect transforms humanely raised insects into premium animal nutrition.

Antoine Hubert, Jean-Gabriel Levon



Evry, France

Innovating Agrifood Transformation Processes

As vegetarian insect farmers, Ÿnsect transforms humanely-raised insects into premium animal nutrition

Vegetarian insect farmers, Ÿnsect transforms humanely-raised insects into premium animal nutrition. Their market leadership has gained the trust of agri-food professionals, laboratories, investors, public institutions and insect industry farmers. They have increasing their scale as a growing number of pet food and animal feed producers have sought out their ingredient.
The insects are processed and sold as premium, highly nutritious protein powder for animal feed and aquaculture, while the by-products from the raising process are sold as organic fertilizers.

Today, 25% of global fish caught are used for animal feed. By replacing traditional feed sources (fishmeal from wild-caught fish stocks) with insect protein, Ÿnsect can offset the growing competition for ocean fish stock required to feed 2 billion more people in 2050, while alleviating fish, water and soil depletion, and agriculture’s 25% share of global greenhouse gas emissions. The footprint of Ÿnsect’s farms also cuts down substantially on land use, preserving more biodiversity on the planet. Ÿnsect’s farms offer 150x more productive land use per hectare for Ynsect farms compared to beef farms.

Antoine Hubert

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