Bruno Verjus

Bruno Verjus is the Chef/Owner of Michelin-starred Table Restaurant. Bruno was born in Roanne in the Loire, a town known for its strong culinary culture and the bounty of its wilderness.

Bruno created and directed the Premium Group for 18 years. He then began writing books for Gallimard, while also contributing to guides including Le Fooding, Omnivore, le Magazine de Cinéma et d’Art, 3 Couleurs, et Au Quotidien, and his own blog, Food Intelligence and had a weekly radio show on France Culture called “on ne parle pas la bouche pleine” (“Don’t Talk with Your Mouth Full’’).

In 2013,  Bruno launched the restaurant Table in Paris, where one can feast on pure flavors while providing producers the assurance of absolute respect of their products. Table sources only seasonally available products from French, Belgian, Italian, Spanish and Scottish sustainable producers.