Karine Clément

Karine Clément (MD, PhD) is medical doctor, full professor of Nutrition at Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital and Sorbonne University, Paris. Since 2006, she is director of a research group at INSERM and Sorbonne University. The group works on the pathophysiology of obesity and nutrition related disorders particularly focusing on interorgan cross-talks (www.nutriomique.org, @ClementLab).  From 2011-2016, she created and was the director of the Institute of CardiometAbolism and Nutrition (ICAN). KC has been first involved in genetics of obesity and contributed to the identification of monogenic forms of obesity, a field where new medical treatments are now available to patients. Her team is also exploring the link between environmental changes, like changes in lifestyle and nutrition, gut microbiota, immune system and tissue functional modifications (adipose tissue fibrosis and inflammation). KC and her team contributed to more than 400 highly cited publications. KC received several national and international prizes and contributes to several science advisory boards and international consortia. Amongst them FP7-METACARDIS is a EU project dedicated to the study of gut microbiota in Cardiometabolic diseases and she was coordinator of Metacardis for 6 years. KC is a member of several international groups and association the field of metabolic diseases (such as WOF, EASO, EASD, AFERO).