Peter Eckes

Operational Partner

Peter Eckes is passionate about innovation in sustainable agriculture and biotechnology.

He has 25 years global executive experience driving new business and innovation at BASF SE for a broad range of industries including agriculture, nutrition, care, specialty chemical products and industrial biotechnology. He has a proven track record in developing innovation strategies and implementing them successfully to build industry leading R&D pipelines. He has led several large organizational transformations driving R&D effectiveness and efficiencies, optimizing technology portfolios and R&D site footprints. He has led many global teams and gained extensive international experience in working 15 years abroad.

Peter has led as CTO BASF’s 10bn EUR Agricultural Solution business R&D and Regulatory team globally with a 1bn EUR R&D budget responsibility. He was member of BASF’s global Technology Leadership Team steering BASF’s entire innovation activities worldwide. In his 32 years at BASF, he has built an extensive skill set in R&D, technology, production, new business development, marketing and business management.

Peter Eckes joined Astanor in May 2023 as operational partner. He collaborates closely with the investment team, leveraging his extensive experience and industry knowledge to drive a winning investment portfolio and helping its portfolio companies successfully position and scale in these new exciting markets.