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Adam Greenberg, Rooney Kyle, Conrad Travis & Erez Younker



Seattle, USA

Accelerating Regenerative Agriculture

Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and computer vision to optimize indoor farming

iUNU (“you knew”) helps growers apply computer vision, artificial intelligence and machine learning in their greenhouses to optimize operations.

With the greenhouse industry growing at a rate of 20% per year, owners are scrambling to find solutions to manage and maintain their growing operations effectively. Today, most growers still make decisions based on manual sampling and hand-collected crop and labor data. Additionally, the shortage of labor in the US and Europe has compounded the issue. iUNUs solution turns growing operations into data-driven manufacturing facilities by identifying problems before they occur to reduce loss, project yields remotely and improve workflow.

No clip boards, no more walking up and down endless aisles, just a digital binder that keeps tabs on every facet of the organization at the touch of a screen.

iUNU develops AI applications that not only optimize crop yield to increase growers’ margins, they also allow growers to work proactively instead of reactively in solving plant issues to improve crop health and redirect how they use their resources to minimize waste significantly. Their flagship product, LUNA, is a mix of hardware and software for growers.

iUNU acquired Astanor portfolio company Artemis in 2021. Artemis provides software solutions to growers to improve traceability and labor productivity. The combination of Artemis and iUNU gives growers a one stop shop for technologies to manage the greenhouse.