Scaling business

At Astanor Ventures, we believe in more than just investing in great ideas. We invest in the visionaries behind them. Our commitment extends far beyond financial backing.


Joining Astanor Ventures means gaining access to an extensive network of industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and experts. Our global network spans across the entire food and agriculture ecosystem, providing unparalleled opportunities for collaboration, partnerships, and growth. 

Astanor’s expertise, network and global advisors in deep science, marketing, manufacturing and finance helps us strengthen our governance, manage complex industrial projects and attract the best co-investors.

Antoine Hubert
Co-Founder, Ynsect

Astanor’s strategic guidance and network not only propel us towards growth but also open doors to new horizons, such as preparing our entrance into the European market.”​​

Praveen Penmetsa
Co-Founder & CEO, Monarch

Strategic Guidance

Our team offers hands-on strategic guidance to help businesses navigate challenges, capitalize on opportunities, and achieve sustainable growth. From refining business models, supporting key hires and acquisitions to accessing new markets, we provide tailored support at every stage of the journey.

Board Expertise

At Astanor Ventures we can tap into a distinguished pool of board members and advisors with deep expertise in industry subject matters, technology, and operational excellence.

What makes Astanor unique is that they are not only leaders in the industry but also pioneers. They see things before other VCs or investors, and that is why I feel very privileged to be backed by Astanor and confident that together we can shape the future in the right way.”

Youssef Oudahman
Co-Founder, Meet My Mama

Our investment stages

Astanor Ventures is committed to supporting businesses at every stage of their journey, from seed to growth.

Seed stage

We partner with visionary entrepreneurs at the earliest stages of development by providing seed funding. Thereafter we support, for example in formalizing governance, technical or commercial strategy.

Early stage

As businesses gain traction and scale, we work more closely on the board, with the team and all shareholders. We support management with commercial lead generation and all strategic matters arising. 

Growth stage

For businesses poised for rapid expansion and scaling, we offer strategic capital, industry expertise, and access to our global network to accelerate growth, capture market opportunities, and drive sustainable impact at scale.