Growing an ultra-fresh food system in your city

A pioneer in on-demand vertical farming, Infarm helps cities become self-sufficient in their food production and democratises access to local healthy fresh produce while eliminating waste and reducing environmental impact.

Erez Galonska, Guy Galonska, Osnat Michaeli



Berlin, Germany

Innovating Agrifood Transformation Processes

Making every city a nourished city

Western society routinely purchases food that often has grown thousands of kilometers away from where it’s consumed. The cost of that supply chain is high CO2 emissions, less nutritious food, substantial waste of water and food and atrophy to soil and land through chemical use. In the case of leafy greens, they lose their key nutrients in less than 7 days of harvest.
Founded in Berlin in 2013, Infarm is pioneering on-demand farming services to help cities become self-sufficient in their food production while eliminating waste and reducing environmental impact. Infarm’s grow-on-site farming system enables the production of locally fresh and nutritious plants all-year round. The resulting produce comes from organic non-GMO seeds, is free of pesticides and has a close to 90% less transportation.

Infarm’s technology fundamentally changes the way we grow, distribute and consume food – and the impact food production has on the planet and people. With farms operating across Europe, Canada, the US, Japan and more, Infarm’s solution grows food that uses:
95% less water
75% less fertilizers
No chemical pesticides
99% less land

Osnat Michaeli
Chief Brand Strategy Officer

We look for investment partners who share our vision to build a more resilient food system, where locally grown, premium quality produce is accessible and affordable to all. Astanor is exactly this.