Grow more by using less

MagGrow provides improved spray technology to significantly reduce the amount of pesticides used on farms.

Gary Wickham, David Moore



Dublin, Ireland

Accelerating Regenerative Agriculture

Helping farmers meet their sustainability targets

The EU ‘Farm to Fork Strategy’ requires a reduction in pesticide use by 50% by 2030. Some countries have added their own additional laws to support similar ends. Holland has enforced drift laws to protect water quality. They are one of the first countries to implement drift laws through fines, but countries such as Germany also have plans to implement drift laws with a target set that 50% of boom sprayers must reduce spray drift by at least 75% by 2023. England and France are also looking at similar legislation.

This is welcome news for healthy soil and ecosystems across Europe – and a tremendous adaptation challenge for the agriculture sector. Agricultural practices and technical solutions that reduce the use of pesticides are in demand now, out of necessity, and will be paramount in achieving EU targets.

MagGrow is an enabler for countries to reach these ambitious targets. It’s patented, proprietary technology significantly reduces waste associated with conventional pesticide spray applications, delivering important plant protection products where they matter the most. The MagGrow technology passes pesticides through magnetic fields under appropriate flow conditions and changes the physical properties of the fluid. This delivers both superior spray drift control and crop coverage. Increased spray coverage performance can range from 20% to well over 100% compared to conventional spraying. MagGrow has many other benefits, such as a significant reduction in water usage by up to 50%, extended spray windows, and reductions in labour. The MagGrow system has no moving parts, is easy to install and maintain, and can be fitted to a new or existing crop sprayer.  Farmers who are using MagGrow’s technology to date are spending typically >€100k on spraying per annum.

There is an increasing demand for food & water, and MagGrow’s technology is supporting a more sustainable approach to primary food production. While prompted by competitive demands and the global challenge of meeting the needs for future food production, MagGrow’s primary focus is on meeting customer needs and satisfaction based on results.

 $60bn is spent on pesticides annually with over 70% of the pesticide spray not hitting the target crop, but without crop protection, the world would have 50-80% less food. Because of this, biodiversity and bio-geochemical flow factors are at near-critical, tipping point levels. MagGrow’s technology is a key component of the transformation to regenerative agriculture.