Monarch Tractor

The Tesla of agriculture

The only electric, autonomous and compact tractor in the world

Praveen Penmetsa, Mark Schwager, Zachary Omohundro, Carl Mondavi



Livermore, CA

Accelerating Regenerative Agriculture

Transforming the most important vehicle on the planet, tractors.

The Monarch Tractor combines electrification, automation, machine learning and data analysis to set a new standard in tractor technology capabilities.

Monarch is a mission-driven company aiming to elevate farming practices to enable clean, efficient and economically viable solutions for farmers. They are leveraging technology more commonly associated with battery-powered automotive players such as Tesla to build robotic tractors.

Monarch operates much like a software company. The world class team assembled is iterating and deploying rapidly. Monarch is in relentless pursuit of building not just the best electric tractor, but the best tractor.

Cutting emissions: Unlike your standard diesel tractor, which produces roughly 14 times the emissions of the average car, the Monarch Tractor is 100% electric, has zero tailpipe emissions and is just as powerful with 40-70 horsepower. This cuts over 60% of the farm’s fuel and service expenses while also significantly reducing the farm’s  contribution to climate change. Monarch tractors, when charged with renewable electricity, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 53 tons per year.

Driver-optional: In addition, the Monarch Tractor is driver-optional, allowing operators to simultaneously pilot multiple tractors while allowing farmers to ride the vehicle like a conventional tractor.

Unlocking Data: Cameras on the sides of the tractor feed a continuous stream of images that inform decisions on where and when to plant. These critical data points can be used for real-time implementation adjustments, as well as long-term yield estimates.