Empowering growers from seed to sale

We find, finance, and fulfill grower supply for importers of fresh produce – a partner to growers from first planting to final liquidation.

Pablo Borquez



Los Angeles, California

Connecting the Value Chain

At ProducePay, we are transforming the produce industry.

ProducePay is a US Based Ag-tech/Fin-tech startup that lets farmers focus on farming by making all other elements of the industry predictable, transparent and fair. ProducePay’s network, technology and financing give farmers access to an efficient market, providing financial independence. Their innovative solutions directly impact and improve the livelihoods of the stakeholders most disadvantaged by the food system.  Today, ProducePay already serves hundreds of growers, distributors and receivers across the world.

The global produce market relies on highly complex, global supply chains and is quickly perishable, yet produce growers lack the capital, pricing information and market access necessary to succeed. 
Impact is central to ProducePay’s mission. Their solutions provide flexible financing options and market data to empower historically disadvantaged farmers. Their products directly address inequities in the market due to market opacity and power structures to create information equity, income and business continuity.