Astanor is an investment partner that shares our vision to build a more resilient food system, where locally grown, premium quality produce is accessible and affordable to all.

Osnat Michaeli

Co-founder & CMO

Astanor’s mission to improve the health of humanity, animals and the planet was perfectly synchronized with Cervest’s goal of improving climate security through our Earth Science AI.

Iggy Bassi


Astanor is supportive but not intrusive, and the team is always there when we need them. As young founders, we need all the experience around us, and Astanor give us that in spades.

Lisa Macfarlane and Alana Macfarlane Kempner

The Gut Stuff

Equal parts financial community, high profile chefs, sustainability nerds, scientists and deep food industry experts, we love Astanor’s diversity.

Sorosh Tavakoli

Stockeld Dreamery

To build a visionary project, you need visionary investors who have built massive successes and gone through multiple downturns, so they know how to create lasting value. Astanor is such an investor.

Antoine Hubert


Building for scale and impact

A new generation of entrepreneurs is inventing solutions to the most pressing issues of our time.

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United by purpose

A partnership between nature and tech can reconnect what’s been broken across the food system – working with, not against, biodiversity. Astanor was founded in 2017 on 6 principles.

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Our dinner table

Astanor brings together capital, deep sector knowledge and a diverse network of entrepreneurs, impact investors, farmers, chefs, policy makers and food lovers to give rise to a future of food that is: nourishing, regenerative, trusted and delicious.

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