Plantible Foods

Plant-based nutrition for all humanity

Plantible harnesses the power of Lemna to create the world’s best plant-based protein

Tony Martens, Maurits van de Ven



San Marcos, USA

Innovating Agrifood Transformation Processes

The world’s most sustainable plant-based protein

Plantible is on a mission to revolutionize the food industry by harnessing the power of the humble, awe-inspiring Lemna to create the world’s most functional and applicable plant-based protein.
Founded in 2018 by Tony Martens and Maurits van de Ven with the goal of reshaping the world’s food supply chain, Plantible has developed a vertically integrated agricultural platform to produce Rubi Protein™ from Lemna, more commonly known as duckweed. Rubi Protein is a natural, plant-based protein that emulates the functional characteristics of widely used animal-based proteins and enables food companies to match the taste and texture of animal-based products with more sustainable plant-based ingredients.

Already cost-competitive with regular eggs, this protein allows customers to replace eggs without compromising on taste, texture and functionality and meet the growing consumer demand for sustainable, nutritious, animal-free products.

The diversification of plant-based protein sources is fundamental to ensuring the security of the global food system for generations to come. Most plant-based proteins available today are derived from a select few crops that have annual crop cycles and are therefore prone to climate change. Lemna doubles in mass every 48 hours, enabling a consistent daily harvest throughout the year and is considered to be one of the most protein-efficient crops in the world, yielding 10x more protein per acre than soy, while requiring 10x less water. 

Tony Martens

Astanor is a rare breed of experienced venture capitalists and industry experts who truly understand the fundamental drivers and risks of our food supply chain. Their thorough understanding of what it takes to build the infrastructure of the future is what enticed us to partner with them.